Little Shiloh Farm

   I have heard that alpacas can cause an overwhelming loving sensation in your soul and anyone with a weak heart should beware. I can say first hand that this statement is TRUE. All it took was one afternoon while visiting friends and seeing for myself some rescued alpacas and I fell in love. We all did. In fact, it wasn’t but a few months later that my wonderful husband fixed up our old barn and added a few pastures and we brought home our first alpaca and that is how Little Shiloh Farm was born.

      This is just our first year but every day we are learning new and wonderful things about these amazing animals. We invite you to come and visit our small farm located 15 miles south of Annapolis in Harwood, Maryland. Pack a picnic, bring the kids, and bring your knitting or just a nice book. You will love sitting and enjoy the peaceful companionship of these wonderful animals. Not only is this our first year with the alpacas, but we are also patiently awaiting the birth of our first cria (baby alpaca).

      My husband’s mother called this place Shiloh when she brought her family of 7 from a cramped little cottage to live here on this 4 acre farm in Harwood, Maryland. It was the perfect place to raise a family. Which is exactly what we thought when we purchased it just before starting our own family. None the less, some names just have a way of sticking. So, when David and I were deciding on a name for our little family farm, Little Shiloh was the perfect choice.

      To the right is our daughter Melissa and one of our twin boys Kevin. Mark, the other twin, is to busy to get any photos of. He is usually a blur of super hero costumes. But I promise to put some up as soon as I get him to slow down. And on the left is Kevin walking Ameripacas Fanny Lu. Now you can see how we fell in love with them.

Jennifer Fletcher owner
4663 Solomons Island Rd
Harwood, Maryland, 20776


kevin and fanney lue

Kevin walking Fanny Lue at Ameripaca





melissa kevin and girls

Melissa and Kevin with flat stanley